April 2013 Support Statistics

In March 2013, WHMCS released v5.2 with an important Support enhancement, Feedback scores and comments. This has been immense help for our managers to find out tickets where clients are unhappy and tickets where clients are really happy with the support provided.

We have always been very open with our customers, so we have decided to disclose full statistics of our Support team in April 2013.

April 2013

Total support tickets opened – 776  (across all 7 departments in LaceHost/Leapswitch brand)

Average Ratings Graph –

Support ticket ratings in April 2013

Support ticket ratings in April 2013

Overall , this looks like a good average. We are continuously working hard to improve our support responses and resolutions.

In June, I will post May 2013 statistics so that we can compare with April and see how we performed.

Let us know your feedback in the comments.

Thank you for hosting with Leapswitch Networks,

Team Leapswitch



2 thoughts on “April 2013 Support Statistics

  1. User support is crucial, I myself am working in an IT support company in Germany.
    Unfortunately this is the kind of support I have received from LeapSwitch, that makes me angry:

    They run RAIDs without sufficient data protection?


    Sorry to say you that 2 hdds in the server failed at the same time and so we are unable to restore the backup too, We have create a new vps for you where you can restore your backup.

    Technical Support Engineer

    • Dear Ziggy,
      This ticket response is from WhyNotaVPS which is a budget VPS provider. The server you were on had hardware RAID1 and unfortunately both drives died at the same time. This is an extremely rare case but it happened and affected you.

      At WhyNotaVPS prices the previous owner as well as Leapswitch do not find it financially viable to provide RAID as well as separate backups. To overcome such a failure we have converted your node to RAID10 and will try and convert all other nodes to RAID10 so that it allows for greater reliability (upto 2 drive failure) as well as performance.

      We have worked out a compensation with affected clients. You can respond to your ticket for the same and someone from billing will work something out with you.

      We sincerely apologize for this issue and will continue to improve our services so that this does not happen again.

      Leapswitch Team

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