Leapswitch now offers Enterpise Email solutions

Enterprise Email solution

Enterprise Email solution

As emails are getting an important part of every business, so most of the enterprises/end users look for a complete email solution where they could not just send/receive emails but also share calender, tasks and notes. We offer Smartermail Enterprise edition(version 11.7)  based Email solution. You get a user friendly web based control panel to manage your email account. You also have an option to configure it on your local machine via Outlook and sync all calender/contacts.

You can even chat within your group over a secured channel. You also have an option to migrate from any email client over to this solution with all the emails getting transferred easily. This solution has a 100 MB email attachment limit. We have recently started offering this solution and over 600 clients have already switched from their existing webmails.

Some of the Enterprise email solution are as below.

1) Shared Calenders/Tasks/Notes

You can share Calenders/Tasks/Notes within your domain/group and be updated with the recent developments.

2) Schedule meetings/book conferences

You can even schedule meetings with your team mates, book conferences and send then invites and remainders for the same.

3) User Friendly mobile app/ Activesycn with devices

You will get a low bandwidth interface for Smartphones. You can also sync emails between your webmail and mobile in real time.

4)  Sync Calender/Contacts/Emails with Outlook

You can sync Calender/Contacts/Emails of your webmail with Outlook within a few clicks.

5) Mail statistics and events

You can keep a watch on all incoming and outgoing emails within your group and can also filter or make custom settings for a specific period of time.

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