Phone Support +91 9595233556 currently unavailable – Alternate numbers

Dear Clients,

We are sorry to inform you that due to regulatory issues between our cloud telephony provider, Knowlarity and Indian Telecom Authority (TRAI), our 24×7 Phone – +91 9595 233 556 is currently unavailable.

At this time, we do not have any ETA for the resolution of this issue. Till it is resolved, you can reach us directly on – 020 6990 6990 / 020 6020 0019 . Please note you may face call waiting / call busy as these are normal landline phones and we won’t be able to call you back if we miss your call.

We sincerely apologize for this issue and we are working with Knowlarity to get the normal phone services up and running as soon as possible.

Full email from Knowlarity CEO –

In the past few hours, some of you have spoken to my team because of a telecom outage. We were initially informed by the telecom partners that they were facing a technical glitch, which is what we communicated to you too.

However, it actually turned out to be a larger issue. Driven by pressure from certain telecom regulatory officials, en-mass a large part of our telecom lines in Delhi are disconnected without any prior notice. We have always been extra cautious on the regulations, we had taken the licenses and were following the spirit and letter of the regulations. Therefore we were shocked to see this action.

We are vehemently contesting this decision of telecom regulatory authorities that came without due process or consultation at all levels. This decision impacts the entire Cloud Telephony industry including other players and customers who use Virtual Numbers, Click-to-call or hosted IVR solutions. These services supposedly should not exist going by the official’s interpretation of the regulation.

However, the reality – for you and for us – for now is that we are facing one of our worst instances of outage. The details of hows, whys and by whens is something I will surely share with you all during the course of the day as it becomes clearer.

As entrepreneurs and successful businessmen, I am sure you all have faced impediments from bureaucracy at some time. Please know that we are working closely with the authorities to restore services and our teams are working round-the-clock to minimize impact on you by coming up with alternatives.

At this time, I am reaching out to seek your patience and understanding and of course any help you can extend in case you believe you can.